PRINCIPAL Better Conference

21 November 2019 | Brussels, Belgium

‘Better,’ our 2019 conference, will take place Thursday 21 November 2019 in Belgium at the Vaudeville Theatre.

‘Better.’ Buy better, sell better, invest better.  

First of all, the event will present ideas about how you can become a better investor. We are already lining up great speakers who will share their unique insights in prospection, due diligence, deal negotiation, time management and selling techniques, all based on the latest research.

Secondly, the event will look at how things are actually better than we think.  Do you think that all is going bad in the world? I can’t blame you, when you read the news. However in many fields, things are a lot better than we think. We are not going to prevent climate change for example, however expert speakers will explain why and how we can still avoid its worst effects.

Finally, you can look forward to plenty of breaks where we can meet, catch-up and discuss ideas.

We hope it will even be ‘better’ than our first conference. So please contact Tatiana to reserve your seats for our next conference. We hope it will even be ‘better’ than our first.


Tel: +32 484 64 78 16


This one-day event is for private investors and family office representatives.

For those who are in a position to stay a bit longer, an additional informal welcome drink will take place on the eve of the event.

The event promotes meaningful interaction in a relaxing atmosphere with a balanced blend of conferencing, networking but also foresaw the opportunity for delegates to work if they needed to. The programme includes extended Q&A sessions, opportunities to set up one-on-one meetings, receptions and a seated dinner.

Where & When?

The conference will take place Thursday, 21 November 2019 at the Vaudeville Theatre. There will be an additional networking opportunity on Wednesday 20 November.

Who? The speakers:


Who? The delegates:

  • Family office representatives (single- (SFO) & multi-family offices (MFO))
  • Private investors
  • Thought leaders
  • Selected service providers or asset managers

The Longevity conference (2018) was attended by 80 delegates hailing with a predominance from the Benelux countries. We aim to safeguard our network and the confidentiality of our members’ data.  Should you wish to understand a little better the catchment of our conference guest list, please call your contact.

The sponsors:


Privacy is an exclusive, confidential and private network and this philosophy will apply to our event. Marketing opportunities will be limited to sponsors who can bring meaningful content and expertise on the longevity subject.